Worthless Critics

Last evening I read the laziest prose My sanctimonious redress all but vanished As I awoke post the slam on my quotidian alarm I rushed to my station of fury, Keyboard tapping with anxious staccato The pedantic response recomposing The words quickly become pattern Like a perpendicular Newark skyline Spewing its filth into the free … Continue reading

A Simple Explanation for Hiking

Ascending on foot the segments of scenery repeating loop of pine, dogwood, ash and glimpses of lower land Granite ledge greets the weary foot soldiers surmounting the thickness with no one to fight With scarce amenities aching ankles and an obligated descent I’m mysteriously happy The quiet heavens and rarified air intoxicate me with untold … Continue reading

The Tea Leaves

the tea leaves reveal me but partially tannic and spotted schoolyard days portray me purely before the eruption the tea leaves random but not for me foreboding and bleak the aroma offsets the dire review I’m back to my senses **dedicated to Sonia McSweeney for introducing me to BLOGing – August 15th 2008

Worthless Poets

You stink of coffee and unwashed clothes, passions flowing, thesaurus hidden seeking conflict to stir displeasure, anarchy appeals. You’ve read a few books, and with 17 years, full of hair, white supple skin, myopic opinions, this appeals to you, the disenfranchised and dissatisfied. Explain to me, Mr Rich and White why I need your words … Continue reading

She Leaves Me Alone

I tied the knot, right on the spot, it got so hot I couldn’t think She took the wheel, taught me to heel, told me the deal I signed in ink I watch the game, it’s still the same, but much more tame – feet on the floor Those memories, gone with the breeze, she … Continue reading